Support Groups

Social Club

MHA Social Club is the Highlight of the week for many of its members. Social Club provides weekly socialization opportunities for those in our region who suffer from mental illness or intellectual disabilities. Volunteers assist the Social Club Coordinator by serving food, monitoring activities, socializing with members, cleaning up, and helping with special events. We seek individuals to join our weekly team, as well as groups to host Social Club (furnish and serve some or all of the food) or provide entertainment. If you have a free Monday evening and want to brighten the lives of some very special people, call us at (765) 459-0309 about volunteer opportunities. Social Club meets bi-weekly at the United Methodist Church 830 S. Main St. Kokomo, IN 46901. Referrals can be made for individuals wishing to attend by social workers, providers, mental health providers or family members.

Widow to Widow

The Widow-To-Widow peer support group brings together widowed women who enjoy social activities, volunteer work, and companionship.

The group offers support, educational programs, and social activities. Support is provided by contact with, and assistance from, another widow who has experienced many of the same traumas. Educational programs are held at the monthly business meetings on the first Thursday of each month. Social activities include Tuesday and Sunday luncheons, as well as Saturday cards and games. These activities help to ease the transition and provide companionship opportunities for widows.

Membership in the Widow-To-Widow program is open to persons who have been widowed. For more information, call (765) 459-0309.

Vet to Vet Group

One of the most important things we can do for our Veterans of the armed forces is to ensure they are listened to. Our peer support group gives Veterans the opportunity to talk with other Veterans about their experiences and issues which are important to them. Vets trust each other and know they are talking with someone who has a shared experience. Our group offers a safe, comfortable place for Veterans to meet and connect with others who have “been there” and find support for their life outside of the military settings while offering Vets alternative coping skills which connect them to other supports in the community. Call the office at (765) 459-0309 for more information.

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